Prostate Cancer – Knowledge Through Humor

This public service announcement about Prostate specific antigen uses clips from old western movies to encourage men to have a PSA (Prostate specific antigen) test.

Therefore, this video is PSA about getting a PSA test…got that? | (PSA = Prostate specific antigen, Public service announcement)

What is a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test?

Prostate-specific antigen is a protein produced by the prostate gland.
Low levels of PSA are normally found in the blood.
The PSA test measures the level of PSA in the blood.
Elevated levels of PSA could be an indication of prostate diseases such as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and prostate cancer.

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Trunk Monkey Delivers Baby

Childbirth – How To Push A Baby In Delivery

Labor will start when it is time to have your baby.
You will feel contractions when labor starts.
It is time to start pushing when your contractions are five minutes apart.
Your cervix will open during the first stage of labor.
Don’t push until your cervix is fully dilated.
Soon your baby will be born followed by the placenta.

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